Favorite Things: More Shoes and the Perfect Pair

My favorite shoe + my husband's favorite shoe = the perfect pair! 
For the record, my husband bought his Bruno Magli shoes before OJ made them popular! He never wears them, but seeing them brings me right back to 1997, when he travelled all the way to Italy for just two days because I was so homesick while on my Junior Year Abroad.

Favorite Things: Maggie the Bear

I was not born in the 1800s, as Maggie's clothes may suggest, but this was my teddy bear when I was little. That's why it is so special to me that my 10 year old daughter sleeps with her every night.

Favorite Things: Homemade Peg Doll Toys

I found Captain Blue Face in my jewelry box the other day. He comes from a time when my son (then 2) was obsessed with the color blue, going as far as to believe that anything of that hue was his by default. Captain Blue Face reminds me of long days at home with little ones, filling time by making crafts and homemade toys (at the time, my sole outlet for artistic expression). How funny that it has come full circle, now that I analyze him from over the hump.

Favorite Things: Candle Snuffer

My Granny did everything with style. She would always light candles at dinner; on the table and in sconces around the room. As a little girl, it was my job to be the "candle snuffer." I remember crawling up on the chair and carefully putting out each flame. I was so careful not to smush the wick and hot wax, evidence of a long night filled with good food, happy conversation, love.

This was not her snuffer, but every time my little girl uses it to snuff out the dinner candles, we all pause to smell the smoke, imagining it circling its way towards my dear Granny in heaven.

Favorite Things: Baba

In honor of my daughter's 10th birthday (Akk!! How can the time be going so quickly?!), I present Baba! This was my sweet girl's constant companion for many years. We tried to get an alternate, just-in-case monkey, but he was quickly dismissed. I mean, obviously, there is only one guy as FAB-U-LOUS as Baba! This guy is a keeper.

My Favorite Things: the Dress Fantasy

When I first got married, I told my husband that nothing seemed more romantic to me than receiving a dress, wrapped luxuriously in a white box and tied with a large satin ribbon. I had seen this very scene in “I Love Lucy” a hundred times, noting the lovely token while holed up in my parents bed sick with a fever. Nothing seemed more comforting, feminine, romantic. My poor husband tried to replicate this desire 3 times before he gave up--the dresses never fit, and there’s nothing like a too small dress to pop a fantasy. 

But, that dress represented everything to me. And thinking about it still, there is nothing I wouldn’t give for a picture of that ill-fitting dress that represented my husband’s indulgence. That silly dress wasn’t just a “thing” to me--it meant comfort, femininity, love. It meant me feeling safe, wrapped up in my parents’ yellow flowered sheets. It meant a husband who listened and cared.

My "I Love Lucy" Dress Fantasy

My "I Love Lucy" Dress Fantasy