Working with Eliza was a blast! The process was not only fun but she was also highly collaborative and professional. I felt invested in the project and she produced something that was truly customized to my liking. She gives you some options, but not to the point of being overwhelming, and then uses her creativity and talent to find something that’s going to fit you and your pet’s style!
— James

HOW IT'S DONE: It's super easy and loads of fun!

  1. Place your order
  2. Answer some questions via this form
  3. Send me a clear photo (or two, or twenty... I heart pet pics)
  4. Prepare to be amazed!

Because I'll be in touch shortly with some ideas that truly befit your pet's personality. Once you squeal, "OMG–THAT'S PERFECT!", I will get to work digitally drawing and painting.

The final piece will be printed on heavy-weight, archival, rag paper and mailed with an oh-so-official certificate of authenticity. 

Still have questions? Check out my FAQ page, or shoot me an email!

This is incredible!! You really captured his personality. The dignified expression, the way a tuft of fur sometimes sticks out in the corner of his eye- it’s like you know him! Thank you very much!
— Alex

Custom Pet Portraits 

Our pets don't judge us when we spend the day in yoga pants, but that doesn't mean they would be caught dead in them if given a choice! Or, maybe they would? Let's find out what your fur baby would wear if he or she had thumbs. Commission a one-of-a-kind portrait!


A. Custom Tailored $85 (+$60/additional face)
Pick a pre-designed piece from the gallery and get it  customized with your pet's face and hand lettered name.

B. Fur Baby Basic $250 (+$100/additional face)
For pets who think less is more, this 8x10 portrait features your fur baby dressed in a single accessory of your choice, highlighted against a flat colored background, and personalized with his or her hand-lettered name. 

C. Fur Baby Fab $400 (+$100/additional face)
Let your fur baby fully express his or her true self in an 11x14 portrait, complete with full dress and custom background.

D. Fur Baby VIP (for the Very Important Pet, of course) $675 (+$100/additional face)
The full works, including a high resolution jpeg of your illustration. Boost your pet's celebrity cred by using it to adorn apparel, mugs, pillows, and whatever else your heart desires!

a la Carte:
Additional prints: $25
Matching Note Cards (per pack of 8): $32
Framing: 15% discount for first time users of Framebridge


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